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Are you thinking about retiring in Costa Rica and buying a property but still ha…

Are you thinking about retiring in Costa Rica and buying a property but still have doubts about which place to choose? Possibly you are looking for a cool mountain climate with beautiful views or maybe you are one of those who prefers the coast with a warmer climate, you also have many doubts about what you should know before buying one in terms of legal requirements. My name is Dani, I invite you to follow my Facebook page: Costa Rica Nice where you can see a list of properties with a variety of characteristics and houses in various parts of the Pacific side, all the properties on the list comply with legal regulations requirements and are located in safe places and with access to all services, since this list is designed and made for retired people, I have been traveling to all corners of the country for around 10 years and I have the necessary experience and knowledge of each place. I have a law office in the center of San Isidro del General Costa Rica with Real Estate services and also associated with a car sale where we offer car listings and availability of financing for people from other countries. I can assist you if you are in the country you can meet me or I am also willing to answer any questions through my contact information.
You are invited to follow my page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100081157492339&mibextid=ZbWKwL




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